Tuesday 17 April 2012

Zombies and robots and cyclists, oh my!

Inspired by today's Decision by Rector Magnificus Thomas Wilhelmsson, I have made one of my own as well. Rather than keep struggling with writing a traditional monograph, I have decided to leverage my already published peer-reviewed work in the form of an article dissertation (like all the cool kids today).

That is, my thesis will consist of the obligatory introduction (which also includes a couple of things I could first publish as standalone articles but can't be bothered, namely looking at WEBSOM from a legal perspective and a business planresearch programme for cognitive legal theory), and the following articles, the first four of which are already published and the fifth is a written version (now with 100% more cognitive semantics!) of the paper I presented last summer at GikII:

This shouldn't take more than a couple of weekends per article plus some more for the introduction, so I might actually be able to defend my thesis in 2013 after all. I have a bunch of other article ideas in store as well, but they'll have to be put on hold for now. Stay tuned!