Wednesday 21 March 2012

How I Became Interested in Intelligent Systems?

During the academic year 2008-2009 I participated in the Bit Bang post-graduate course.

“Bit Bang – Rays to the Future is a post-graduate cross-disciplinary course on the broad long-term impacts of information and communications technologies on lifestyles, society and businesses. It includes 22 students selected from three units making the upcoming Aalto University: Helsinki University of Technology (TKK), Helsinki School of Economics (HSE) and University of Art and Design Helsinki (UIAH). Bit Bang is a part of the MIDE (Multidisciplinary Institute of Digitalisation andEnergy) research program, which the Helsinki University of Technology has started as part of its 100 years celebration of university level education and research. Professor Yrjö Neuvo, MIDE program leader, Nokia’s former Chief Technology Officer, is the force behind this course.”

We wrote a joint publication based on the fall and spring group works. The book was published in co-operation with Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund:

During the fall term my group wrote about the processor and memory a book chapter “The Digital Evolution – From Impossible to Spectacular” and in spring we were given topic intelligent machines. Finally, our book chapter was titled “Augmenting Man”. And that's the way it all started. (To be continued...)

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