Wednesday 6 February 2013

Legal startup news (February 2013)

Online dispute resolution for real: Ebay Spinoff Modria Is Judge Judy For Cyber Shoppers (Fast Company)

Case factor analysis for real: Judicata Raises $2M From Peter Thiel, Keith Rabois And Others To Give Lawyers Better Research And Analytics Tools (TechCrunch)

How To Run A Law Firm Like A Startup (Business Insider via Computational Legal Studies)

LegalForce Store Offers Walk-in Lawyer Access in Palo Alto (eLawyering Blog) (BTW, there has been something a bit similar called the Legal Lounge for a while now here in Helsinki as well.)

Pitchpitchpitch! ReInvent Law are arranging a pitch competition next week. An excellent initiative and the first one specifically for legal startups I've heard about. As a cynical old person who has hung around young and innovative startupsters a lot last year at the Startup Sauna I would just like to warn that while pitching is fine and useful for early-stage companies, it is easy to overdo and just keep pitchpitchpitching instead of working on the product. (Oh, and Onomatics got seed funding without even presenting the pitch deck. Neener neener.)

Results of said competition @ReneeKnake: @ReInventLaw StartUP Competition winners! Best overall LoquiTab Runner up @Kat_Hennessy RiskADvantage Most creative @A_Ninhja p(AR)adigmLaw

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